About C-Solutions

C-Solutions is short for the UCLA Center for Healthy Climate Solutions. Launched in 2020, our center puts science to work helping communities adapt and respond to the adverse health effects of climate change.

While our work extends globally, many of our projects begin in California. We partner with communities to help people live healthier lives in the midst of the accelerating climate crisis. Our goal is to equip decision makers with site-specific solutions that tangibly benefit their community’s health, economy, and environment while reducing existing inequalities.

Using our direct experience in the field, the relationships we’ve developed through our work in the public sector, and our extensive environmental and clinical research, C-Solutions is creating a pathway for positive change that is informed, comprehensive, and responsive to community needs.

To find out more about our mission and current projects, please visit our website: https://healthyclimatesolutions.org.

5 Good Reasons to Subscribe

1. Because climate change is a public health emergency.

You and your family members are likely already experiencing health effects caused by climate change. For example, you may be suffering from more seasonal allergies as warmer temperatures caused by climate change lead to longer allergy seasons and worsen air quality. You may have children who have been forced to stay home from school because of wildfire smoke. Perhaps you’ve had to change your exercise routine or skip it altogether some days because of record-breaking heat waves. If you suffer from asthma, you may have noticed that you’re refilling your prescription inhaler more frequently than you used to. Through our blog and research updates, you’ll learn exactly how these health impacts are connected to the climate crisis, what you can do to adapt, and how you can help those in your community who are most affected. 

2. Because you need to know about solutions that are working for communities like yours.

We’re here to tell you that there are already solutions, backed by scientific studies, that can make a difference for your community. We focus on solutions that provide immediate or near-term impact while also building long-term infrastructure. For us, the most promising solutions are those that simultaneously create health, economic, and environmental benefits and prioritize people who are most at risk. 

3. Because you want to support our work.

We’ll not only help you navigate key issues with articles and emerging research that we believe are vital to staying informed about climate change and its impacts, we’ll also provide you with actions you can take to support the work we’re doing. Whether it’s contacting your representatives about specific climate proposals or volunteering in a community-based project, you’ll find opportunities to be a part of the action.

4. Because you want to be part of a community of people who care about protecting everyone’s health and building our collective resilience to climate change.

Whatever your climate fight is, you’ll be able to join discussion threads with other people who are part of the movement. Bring your ideas, your experiences, and your passion. We can all learn from each other.

5. Because it’s free!